CONFERENCE EMCEE MC HOST in Singapore - Melvin HoI do everything for your peace of mind.

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I understand that deciding on a Conference emcee is hard. There are loads to consider & worry about. But you can relax! I have been the Conference Emcee for many Conference events with event planners like you: I know what I am doing. I am your event partner, and we share a common goal; to give the Delegates, VIPs, and Sponsors a positive experience.


"He followed the assignment brief to perfection, and added further value through sheer presence of mind and ability to think on his feet"

Sukumar Verma, General Manager, IBC Asia (Organiser of MPA's SIBCON)

What are my experiences, as an Emcee for Conferences?Here are some of the clients I have served

Government Agencies
Since 2006
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What my Conference Emcee clients say


See me 'LIVE' – as a Conference Emcee MC Singapore

Here is one of my experiences as Conference Emcee
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What is my promise to you, as the selected Conference Emcee & Host?


During the planning & execution, you can expect from me as Conference Emcee & MC:
● Consistent communication● Reliability and professionalism● Flexibility and Adaptability● 110% effort during our event

Why clients like You choose Melvin as their Conference Emcee?

You are looking for an emcee - who can deliver the opening, introductions, and transitions between speakers with ease; who has the alertness & presence of mind to guide the guests through any delays or impromptu occurrences; that can occur at any point in time during the event.
With 10 years of experience, a lot of Conferences and Seminars with Launches and Opening Ceremonies under my belt, I can definitely help!
Reasons Why Clients Like You Choose Melvin as Conference Host / MC:

● A Steady Hand — Focus, poise & assuredness are what I bring to the table. I also bring my ability to carry out the brief to a T.● Alertness and Adaptability — My alertness and adaptability are key when developments or requirements arise.● A Radio-like Voice – My vocal range includes a “radio-like” voice that gives authority to your occasion● Experience in Launch, Opening Ceremony, MOU segments – Some conferences include a Launch, Opening Ceremonies, or multiple Memorandum-of-Understanding signings – With my experience in such segments, all angles of formalities are covered.● Experience in Informal Segments – Some conferences include Energizers & Activities, & have an informal Gala Dinner to encourage guests to relax and network. Familiarity and experience in energetic events make me an all-around Emcee Singapore of choice.