Launch of National University Hospital NUH Quality Policy, with Emcee Singapore, Melvin Ho

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Hello everyone! :)

It’s been about a year since I last hosted at NUH so I was super duper excited to be back! This time round it was to Celebrate the Launch of the NUH Quality Policy! It covered:

• “Our Patients, Our Focus”  (Quality Care & Service)

• “Our People, Our Pride”     (Safe/Fulfilling work environment)

• “Our Processes, Our Challenge” (Continuous improvement)

Before I tell you guys every single detail (hehe), here’s a little update from the NUH Facebook page I thought I’d share:

This week, we launched our first Quality Policy Roadshow! The roadshow is in support of our existing efforts to reinforce the importance of excellence in service delivery, maintaining a safe and healthy workplace and continually improving our internal processes to make way for a better, more efficient NUH. Thanks to all our colleagues for your support at the event! We hope this is a good reminder to make Our Patients Our Focus, Our People Our Pride and Our Processes Our Challenge!

What an inspiration! :)


The festivities opened with our friends from the Workplace Safety and Health Council who kicked off the event with a skit on safety at work:

After which, NUH’s COO, Mr Noel Cheah, who was the Guest of Honor, helped to launch the Quality Policies and lead the NUH family in the recital :)

The Launch of NUH Quality Policy was a joint effort by 8 departments. They came together to create a wonderful carnival-like experience for the staff at NUH :) There were lucky draws, delicious snacks and each department created interactive game booths to share the Quality Policies in exciting ways, with some great prizes to be won!

“A warm welcome to everyone!” 😀

Lucky draws!! :) I wish I remember what happened above- I could not look more stunned. Haha.

Lucky draws aside, there were fun and exciting interesting adaptations of classic games like “Wheel of Fortune”, Draw Something” and even fun games like the Japanese-arcade inspired “Pachinko” with a grand prize of some Carebear Plush Toys! There were  also polaroid booths for everyone to bring home some wonderful memories with group photos with their colleagues which I noticed everyone had a ton of fun with haha.

The picture above shows one of the most popular booths called the “House of Terror”, where NUH staff had the chance to pick out 10 “Terrors” from a simulated patient environment. E.g. Biohazard bag left on the floor, Cigarette in patient’s mouth, etc. Tough stuff!

Some of the booths at the event:

Check out the great turnout :)

It was great to see so many departments in an organization working so hard together, through so many weeks of planning, just so their fellow colleagues can learn through the wonderful experience of well thought-out exhibits, and fun and innovative games! It felt great to be back at NUH once again! The events are always great fun to host, and the NUH team is simply wonderful and a breeze to work with! :) I really hope to host with NUH again soon! :)

Till next time! 😀

About Melvin: Melvin is a professional emcee based in Singapore. An avid entertainer since 2006, he has made many events unforgettable, roaring successes. His passion for his craft leaves him constantly eager to ensure every event reaches its full potential. During his breaks, he enjoys traveling and learning about different cultures. | Read more about Melvin